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Yin and Yang
These are two of my ocs. Yin is the black haired girl. Yang is the white hair BOY. Yessss Yangs a beautiful boy who looks like a girl because I love messing with people x"3 I plan to make them go into a show one day;;; only dreaming I guess lol..


Yin is the pure form of the Yin in the yin and yang. She is very evil and very bad. She lives in someone elses boy at the time for she has been dead for a long time. Everytime a host would die they would be reborn and Yin would be inside them again. The host is the new Yin because Yin and Yang are needed in this story. Yin takes fun in messing with people/peoples hearts but she is always reminded of being with Yang. Yin mostly has to do the deeds no one wants so killing. Just think of Yin as someones dark side. Yin likes wearing black mostly.


Yang is the good side of the world. But sometimes his actions make people question it or even think he's worse than Yin sometimes. Everyone who sees Yang thinks he's a girl but he is a boy. He lives in a host body as well as Yin. Yang normally comes out when Yin takes things to far or when needed for danger. Yang loves to please Yin because they are accident lovers or something like that. Yang doesn't like it when Yin plays games with him or messing around because it normally gets people hurt. Yang doesn't mind Yin showing off but can't always stand by. When Yin and Yang actually work together and become one they are super strong. That doesn't always happen lol. Yang likes wearing white mostly.

Thats only a little bit of info about them. Maybe I'll make a comic so its better to understand;;; Do not repost or edit unless u credit.
pull me closer
All I did was wanted bubbles to pull boomer by a tie to kiss but I got this. I guess my hand had other plans. So its not wrong I swear.
Do not edit or repost unless u credit me.
Well I don't belive I can enter and don't mind that I can't but, why not? Draw some emo blossutch anyways. Lololo. This took to long;;; two days on my phone;;;... Worth it~ just enjoy the blossutch~
If u edit or repost credit me. Trust I'll find u if u don't credit. So plz do.
Do u ever draw some stuff and like it but to lazy to edit, color, etc with it so it just goes in the pile of "I'll do later"? I can't be the only one lol. I'll probably color them and junk later maybe? Idk u forget sometimes;;;; or they smear.... QJsbahsj no. No. No. No plz. What I guess I'm trying to get at is that just because I don't post much is because Im lazy. Lol that's it. I'll try posting more. Not that u care but thought I should post something.


YokoAnimeProductions's Profile Picture
Yoko Anime
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm a ppg artist. Doesn't mean I don't draw other things.Digital art? Coming when I can. Till then enjoy pencil art. If u repost my art just credit it. Respect. U respect me I will respect u. If u recolor or trace or just flipping do something to my pic CREDIT I WILL FIND U AND SCARE U SO BAD THAT ULL WET UR BED AND SAY WHY DIDNT I JUST CREDIT?! *^*

If u want u can follow me on IG yoko_anime is my username u look up.

YouTube channel if u want.
~>Yoko Anime
About my YouTube channel I post videos or multiple fandom's. From powerpuffgirls to a bunch of animes. They are fandoms going with songs normally. A couple of fandom cracks. Those are funnies of the fandom. Like making ur own funnies on the fandom... I can't explain it well.
I will start animations of my own work or videos soon. Probably ppg animations to be honest. Anime drawings aren't my best -3-"

So far I have 5 ocs
Girl. My main oc. Just an artist wanting to be worth something.
Girl but looks like a boy for certain reasons. Has dark side problems.
Boy but kinda girly looking. Was bullied for a long time till an accident when he was young. Really smart and flirty. Maybe.
Girl. Pretty much acts like Buttercup. More evil though. Loves BOTDF. Gets mad easy.
Boy. Normally always shirtless. Haha Grey moments. Likes seducing people just to anger Bam. Acts like a buffoon but super good at his job and with any weapon.
(Probably won't post junk about my ocs because people like fandom's characters more than peoples ocs. But for my show I'm planning to make in the future you'll probably see Yin and Yang most. Or Yoko. Bang and Bam will come when they want to XD))


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